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I am truly sorry BUT, what are youall talking about? I am somewhat new to this list but have no idea what all this is about. Can someone fill me in??

On Oct 8, 2005, at 3:24 PM, Patrick Wider wrote:

Here are the reasons for our special pre-publication offer: Past a certain time (i.e., after
taking advantage of "bulk" shipping rates), our USPS shipping rates go through the roof.
(UPS Green or Brown is no better). We're actually trying to pass on our savings to everyone
if we can do it. But the window is limited. Once the 300 piece or greater shipment goes
out, the higher shipping rates apply. Also, we don't relish shipping onesy and twosy
amounts every other day. But we do it. Most business courses also teach you that you
need an "act now" to give people an extra incentive. Otherwise, people put your mailings
on a pile and then promptly forget about them. I'm sorry to cause all of the resulting
STMFC angst over $5. I also apologize to this group for volume 11 (all passenger cars). I
don't know what made me do it! (-:

BTW: we ain't getting rich doing this. Also, Ed Hawkins is down in Texas this weekend and
should be returning with a nice assortment of original General American builder's
photographs (sorry, no black freight cars Richard). We hope to share them with you.

Pat Wider

--- In, "joe binish" <joebinish@e...> wrote:

I also saw the announcement on this list, was mulling my checkbook when a
direct email to me from Msr Hawkins prompted me to send off my payment.
Hope to receive mine today, so I can get out of housework!

Joe Binish

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