Re: new PRR caboose from Walthers

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Eric Hansmann wrote:
"I knew it was an N6b, and I thought I typed N6b as well....but
check the link and compare the proto image of the N6b with the
lettering images. Those lettering images are not N6b cabins."

Recently, I wrote my contact in Walthers product development
regarding these and other lettering diagrams now used to illustrate
available paint schemes. These almost always contain incorrect
lettering "fonts", profiles, or other incosistencies leading buyers
to believe that Walthers failed to do their homework, potentially
costing them sales. He replied that product development had already
voiced that concern, but were vetoed by marketing (whose idea it was
to use these diagrams.)

I have not been involved with this project, but I know the people in
the PRRT&HS who are working this project, and I'm confident that the
final product will be much better than represented in those
lettering diagrams.

Ben Hom

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