Tichy PFE R-40-4

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

I have the tichy kit for an R-40-4, and will get to building it over the
winter. Before I start i wanted to check my facts. According to the
Thompson, Church and Jones, PFE book, R-40-4 were both built new and rebuilt
from older cars (pages 114-118). The cars built new were numbered
38563-39062 according to Table 6-3. The rebuilt cars were numbered
71273-71300, 71359-71400, 71429-71500, 71586-71953, according to Table 6-2.

Does the Tichy kit better match the cars built new or the rebuilds, or both?

Also the text states "None had to be rebuilt, although all surviving cars
were reconditioned in 1958-59."

I understand this to mean the kit can be built as is and the carbody will be
accurate for my 1957 era. I realize the K brakes have to be replaced with AB
brakes. Is there a diagram showing the AB Brake arrangement?

Can anyone point me to a picture of an R-40-4 in the 1950's, preferably 1957
or later before reconditioning so I can be sure to number the car

OK. Now that I have this email typed I look at the instructions for the kit
and it says the car is a R-40-2, the box label says R-40-4. Which is it.? If
it is an R-40-2 they were gone by the mid-50's, and I can't use it.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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