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Roger Parry <uncleroger@...>

Some 20 years ago, I experimented with replacing Kadee truck springs with Kadee #5/10 knuckle coupler springs. They really flexed on a light weight wood model. I ran the car with no derailments but never expanded the scope of the experiment. I like the way Kadee trucks look WITH the springs!

On Oct 7, 2005, at 9:44 PM, Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

Behalf Of Thomas M. Olsen

While we are petitioning Kadee for unsprung trucks,
Hold on there . . .not all of us agree on that point. I like the sprung trucks (and I DO see them
equalizing as the train moves along) but I agree about the lacy character of the springs themselves.
It seems to me that a Really Good Materials Guy (Hey, Tony??) should be able to come up with some
form of plastic that could be molded or extruded or something into springs with appropriate
dimensional characteristics, and low enough spring rate, so as to make the trucks actually compress.
Now, they'd have to compress at a rate so that a properly weighted car would do the trick, so we'd
have to be faithful to the NMRA weighting rules.

let us
ask them to modify their truck bolsters so that we can add
the brakeshoe clip-ons that they make for the PS-1 box cars
that they make.
I do agree with this.


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