Reboxx Replacement Wheelsets for Broadway N&W Hoppers


Tom, All,

Thanks much for following up on the Reboxx wheelsets.
As I mentioned to you off-line, John Burr at Reboxx
contacted me and asked if I'd send him some of the
Broadway trucks so he could do some accurate roll
testing. He seemed like quite the gentleman, so I
happy to help. Hopefully he'll have the answer for
everyone at PMS.

FYI, I'm sold on the Reboxx wheelsets as replacements
for all my rolling stock. The prorotypical appearance
of the code 88 wheelsets is very nice and they operate
very reliably on good HO track. Plus, the different
axle lengths--which allow you to get the right axle
length for different brands of trucks--eliminates most
unwanted sideways motion.

The problem is that Reboox wheelsets are pretty darn
expensive, so my replacement program for 125 cars is
proceeding rather slowly! The best price I've found is
through mail order at MB Klein, which has them for
something like $7.99/12 wheelsets.

See y'all at Naperville!

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL


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Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2005 01:48:56 -0400
From: "Thomas M. Olsen" <tmolsen@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Re: Reboxx Replacement Wheelsets for Broadway
N&W Hoppers

Bryan, John and List members,

Saturday afternoon I attended the Great Scale Train
Show at Timonium
Maryland. While there, I was able to speak with the
folks at Reboxx.
Here are some answers that touch on the axle data for
Hoppers and J.P.'s new coupler.

1st the coupler:

When I broached the coupler issue with J.P., he said
that there had
been a problem in getting anything produced in China,
but that the
reason he has not pursued it recently had to do with
the very severe
illness that he had last fall and spring. This
coupled (no pun
intended!) with a large back log of other business has
pushed the
coupler to the back burner. We must remember that
trains is not his
primary business, but a part of what he does. He
intends to return to
the coupler issue soon.

He has been following the Sergent coupler thread that
has been going on
on this list. His take on these couplers is that they
look very good
compared to the competition, but the ability to
uncouple them at a
distance and the fact that unlike the tried and true
Kadee's, they do
not center. Also,the requirement that someone has to
open the knuckle
if found to be closed. He also thought that the Kadee
has the edge
because the knuckles need not be open when making the
coupling which is
of great value when making up trains and switching.
His contention was
that there really is no substitute from an operational
aspect, there is
no substitute for the present Kadee couplers unless
these issues could
be solved to the point where reliability was not an

In regard to the Reboxx wheel sets for Broadway N&W

I spoke with John and gave him one of the trucks from
one of the N&W
hoppers from home. He first tested the as-is truck on
the roll incline
tester to see how well they operated. He said that
they rolled quite
well considering they were stock items. Then he
popped the wheel set
out and measured it to see what the axle length was.
After doing so,
his conclusion was that the WS10975 wheel set with an
axle length of
24.77mm was the most likely candidate to replace the
BLI wheel sets.
felt that the BLI truck would not stand up well to the
little coring
tool and to use one to clear the journal boxes, it may
cause the wheel
sets to be a bit sloppy. So, the upshot of this is
for now, you could
use the WS10975 wheel sets, but he would not recommend
right away, that a period of experimentation was
called for to
that these is the most accurate axle length for these
trucks. The
WS10975 wheel sets come packaged 12 wheel sets to the


Tom Olsen
7 Boundary Road, West Branch
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479

John Golden wrote:


Does anyone know the appropriate axle length for
Reboxx replacement wheelsets for the 70 ton trucks on
Broadway N&W hoppers? If so, please drop me a line at I've got nine cars that are
scheduled for new wheelsets and I want to make sure I
get the right ones. Thanks!


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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