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For the unlucky ones among us the hatches and covers can be moved. This
usually involves fitting the old lids on lips around new openings (you
don't really have to have a hole there unless you want to open them).
Filling the old holes, assuming there are any is the hard part. But the
Athearn model looks like it is worth the effort.

Any chance they will do two roofs?

Mont Switzer

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From perusing through the nice article on the PS-2 2893 cu.ft. 3 bay
in the Sep RMJ by Ed Hawkins, I'm led to the conclusion that the Athearn
could apply to a rather large number of prototypes IF the car's
positioned hatches did not come attached to the I assume they
In fact, I would be stunned if they were not attached...probably less
shocked if the sun went out tomorrow. From what I see in Ed's article,
hatch placement by Athearn seems to eliminate quite a few cars. In the
majority of cases, it looks like the position of the "intermediate"
[ located between the center hatch and the end hatch ] is the one which
varies the most. It would be possible, of course, to move the 4
hatches, carefully cutting them from the car's roof. Hmmm, it will be
interesting to see how the hatch is attached.

Mike Brock

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