Re: PRR N6B; was injection molding tooling costs in China

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Ed, Eric, and all;

Yes, the N6B has been made in various forms before. We hope that the
current Walthers model will be done with the same care that the research
was done, as the result would be better than anything done to-date.

Yes, the manufacturers continue to make money, and continue asking for
advice on equipment to make; however, the decision to pursue individual
projects is up to their marketing folks.

There doesn't seem to be any shortage of interest in cars from the PRR,
and most other roads, for that matter. It may just be a case of the PRR
being a large railroad with perhaps some presence on most everybody
else's rails, and nowadays with a very large following. Therefore, this
cabin car will likely sell well.

No, tooling costs and pattern-making are not low cost. Several
manufacturers spoke to me yesterday about this very subject. The choice
of projects is a very difficult one. No one wants to risk a bomb, so
much up-front time and energy is spent trying to pick a winner.

Lastly, those lettering illustrations shown do not match anything
exactly. I am sure that many would prefer that manufacturers show
photos of either the finished product, or a nice prototype.
Unfortunately, this is not done all the time, and indeed may result in
buyers being turned-off to individual projects before they happen. I
have jumped that gun myself, and later regretted it.

Ben is correct that the end result may be far different from this bit of
advertising fluff. Several people with the PRRT&HS would not have
devoted so much of their time if the expected a hack job; and you all
like the new PRR baggage car, right? Let's wait and see what they do
with the car.

Elden Gatwood

P.S. So, what are the real reasons no one is doing the alternate
standard offset twin hopper?

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Walthers is going out with another caboose?

Wasn't the same Pennsy caboose available from one of the toy train
manufacturers? And QualityCraft? And in brass?

I would think that everyone who really wants prototype cabooses
already has them in brass, or from Q'Craft or AMB and this would
limit sales. Apparently Walthers is making money.

Are injection tooling costs less now then they were before because
the work is done overseas?

There are other car kits that I would expect to have limited
interest to the general modeling population - like the Pennsy
express reefer and troup sleepers. There is no shortage of choices

Or are a lot of the NMRA type guys collectors?

If tooling costs are low maybe someone from this group could have a
kit made for cars we want (like chemical tank cars).


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