Re: Scale Coupler Application

Jeff Helm <delta-p@...>

My thanks also for the analysis and useful information on mounting
couplers (fwiw coming from a 'newby").

A question: I note that what seems like an increasing number of
new, high quality kits (read, "kits I want") are being designed for
the #78 coupler. Has anyone installed the AP coupler and box on
these? I presume that adding a shim above the AP box would be used
to adjust the height in this situation. Are there any other changes

Second, any negative implications of running a "mixed" fleet using
AP and #58/78 couplers? I started to convert everything to #58s
when equipped with other couplings. Now I am seriously considering
the AP, but will probably have some of each for the forseeable
future. Do they look acceptable together?

Thanks again for the information, although life was certainly easier
when my mind was made up on using only Kadee 58/78s. Back to the
hobby shop (or net) in search of APs! Why did I ever decide to work
toward being a prototype modeler (VBG!).

Jeff Helm
Silverdale, WA

--- In, "Eric Hansmann" <ehansmann@a...> wrote:

Denny Anspach wrote:

The recent interesting thread on scale couplers and boxes and
applications motivated me to do some measurements and
today on two new-in-box Fifth Avenue Car Shops Milwaukee ribside
double door boxcar kits, MILW 6600, and MILW 7037. Both cars had
standard moulded industry-standard draft gear boxes designed for
in Kadee-type couplers, essentially identical to that found with
almost all other contemporary styrene and urethane kits currently,
and historically on the market.


Wow Denny, thanks for the great summary. Your observations reflect
concerning the ProtoAccumate coupler and the Kadee #78. Thanks for
all of your details.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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