Couplers, Coupler Pockets, etc.

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Charlie Vlk wrote:
Understand that I am all for thinking "outside of the box:" and promoting
improved standards.
But manufacturers have to field product that meets the greater marketplace.
STMFC is an important, significant viewpoint and a factor to be considered,
but Kadee cars are
outsold by Athearn MDC by a signficant order or magnitude or more.... so
scale draft gear and
couplers have a lot of installed base . . .
The trouble with Charlie's argument is that accepting it means there would never be any significant new products, couplers or anything else. Of course there are commercial viability issues for new products, but let's not simply conclude that nothing new can work because of Athearn/MDC. If that were true in the larger world, there would be nothing to drink but Budweiser.

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