Re: Athearn PS-2 3 bay hopper

Tim O'Connor

If moving the hatches on the Athearn car is anything like moving the
hatches on the MDC car, then it isn't hard to do. A 1/4 inch hole
with a short piece of 1/4" styrene tube provided the new location
and 'flange.' A 1/4" circle of styrene punched out with a paper
punch plugged the old hole. Squadron putty and a little sanding
finished the job.
Gene Green

They are 2893 cubic feet. As is the Walthers model (albeit the later
version with hat section corner posts). No one has announced either
of the larger cars (3215 or 3500).

Gene, just a reminder: replacement PS2 hatch assemblies (includes
the round opening) are available from Kadee, or so I have heard.
The Athearn parts don't look that great (or the photos show them
slathered with paint) so Kadee hatches will dress 'em up. Personally
I have enough junk to be built so I'll just wait for the real deal
from Kadee...

Tim O'Connor

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