Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, etc.

Charlie Vlk

I am not arguing against anything..... just trying to provide some balance
Some of you think that anything that isn't a resin kit-level model is a
crime to
produce. ..... forgetting that the investments in mass-production models
have to
be recouped in a marketplace much larger than that which the STMFC supports.
If it was just a matter of prototype accuracy InterMountain (heck,
cars should outsell Athearn.... but I'm guessing that they don't and that
cranks out more trainset cars than the rest of the market combined sells.
Pushing the envelope is a balancing act..... even guys like Branchline have
to think carefully
about advancing fine scale standards on their products....even though their
narrow audience is
much more receptive to such innovations....there are still limits to how far
and how
fast to move.
I recall that MDC brought out a RS3 with special scale Ernst gearing that
was a
total bomb, mostly because the units wouldn't MU with anything else.
The installed base matters if you aren't just making display models.
Charlie Vlk

The trouble with Charlie's argument is that accepting it means
there would never be any significant new products, couplers or anything

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