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Paul LaCiura <paul.jeseng@...>

I think that the best compromise for new builds until the ultimate solution
becomes available is the Accumate proto coupler. I have installed them on
several P2K/RC cars and the combination of the near scale size with the near
scale draft gear looks great. I leave the metal uncoupling "hooks" off, but
if Richard needs remote uncoupling they are easy to install. Since I have
not installed them on enough cars to see how they would operate in a long
train I cannot comment on their strength under slack action, etc., but they
work great in a small local train. I don’t know how they stand up to large
club conditions, maybe someone else can comment further.

For retrofits where I really don’t have the constitution to carve out the
cast-in draft gear (yet..) and on the pulling side of locomotives I use the
Kadee 58's after cutting the trip pin off. These will be the first to be
retrofitted to Sergent when I get the gumption to do so.

The Sergent couplers I have purchased will go on the front of my steam
locomotives and on the rear of my boattail observation cars.

What is the "ultimate solution"? A coupler that looks like a Sergent,
operates like a Kadee and has a near scale or scale draft gear like the

Just my 23 cents worth (considering the Bay Area cost of living),


Paul LaCiura
San Francisco, CA

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Have you tried using the Kadee #12 coupler? As of a couple of weeks ago
Kadee has been selling the #58 couplers in a pack of 20 pair along with the
centering springs.

I've been following the Sergent coupler comments and they sound nice,
I understand they have a better one coming out later. We have been hearing

about the Barger couplers for a couple of years and still nothing in sight.
just wonder how many people will finish a car and put it aside until the
perfect coupler gets produced. The more of the 58 I install the less likely
I will
change over to the perfect coupler if and when they arrive.

Just my 2 cents, Tom Chenoweth.

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