Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, etc.

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Charlie Vlk wrote:
I am not arguing against anything..... just trying to provide some balance here.
Didn't say you were "arguing against" and I certainly agree with you that there are folks on this (and other) lists who have zero sense of proportion. But even Branchline isn't really attempting to outsell Athearn (much as they might like to), never mind resin and other basement operators with many innovative products. I feel for products like the Sergent coupler: the arguments are sound that one hesitates to convert one's entire fleet if Sergent is going out of business next year; but if insufficient couplers are sold, he IS going out of business. It's a tough call for us all.
Meanwhile, reminding us of who sells the most car kits doesn't seem like a solution to the problem.

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