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Walter M. Clark

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Hi Pat,

The wand is a piece of tool steel rod that has been magnetized and is
about four inches long. To reach any distance you would have to mount
it on a piece of dowel or other circular material, keeping size and
diameter reasonable, but remaining rigid enough not to sag while you
reach across.

I like the way they operate and how they look, but unfortunately the
inability to reach across more than a foot of benchwork makes them
impracticable if you plan to do anything other than run around without
doing anything. Now if you are into displays and/or contests at train
shows and conventions, RPM meets, etc., then there is nothing that can
beat them.

If someone can find a way to uncouple them remotely or in any other
fashion, then they will become workable in operating sessions.<snip>
Tom, et alia,

I've been thinking about trying to make real, functioning top operated
coupler release bars to use with the Sergent couplers. I looked at
the size of the pieces and think it can be done, just by someone with
better eyes and steadier hands than I have. Anyway, the idea is to
use a small piece of those super-strong rare-earth magnets at the
point above the coupler, so moving the down bent end of the coupler
release bar up would lift the magnet, thus lifting the little ball
inside the coupler. Pull the engine forward and the coupler face
opens right up (it says here in fine print).

Anyone able to get this to work will have my gratitude and (this is
what makes this so special) I won't even charge for use of my idea
(such a deal, right?).

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
Riverside, California

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