Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, etc.

Tim O'Connor


I think Paul said it best, and you agreed with him -- we need a scale
coupler, with a scale draft gear, that is compatible with Kadee... (This
also is what Denny has been saying all along.)

Accurail -- currently comes closest to meeting all three requirements

Kadee -- #78 box is not a model of a prototype draft gear

Sergent -- only meets the scale coupler requirement, but does it better
than the other two

The above explains why we were so excited about the "Barger" coupler
even though he planned to use Kadee #5 coupler boxes. I hope he will
simultaneously release a scale draft gear box, since it has no effect on
the coupler head design. IMO once these are available, it will be safe to
buy them in large quantities!!! And since the large majority of modelers
will continue to buy Kadees, I don't worry that they will cease production
during my lifetime...

Tim O'Connor

Tony Thompson wrote

one hesitates to convert one's entire fleet if Sergent is going out of
business next year; but if insufficient couplers are sold, he IS going
out of business. It's a tough call for us all.

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