Re: Bil Darnaby's List of 1949 Boxcar Movements from Swift's Soy Bean Processing Operation in Frankfort IN

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Andy Sperandeo wrote:

Only two Santa Fe boxcars in the latest batch from Bill:

ATSF 146177, a Bx37 carrying bulk meal (with 12 grain doors!). This is
one of
the last batch of this large class, built in 1942. It's represented in
HO by a
Sunshine kit, and can also be modeled with modifications to the Red
modified 1937 AAR standard boxcar. (I've also got one I built from a
kit, if anyone besides Richard H remembers those.) Many of this class had
National B-1 trucks, but this particular car had ASF spring-plankless

ATSF 270725, a Bx42 carrying bean meal. This is a 1944 graduate of the
Fe's program of rebuilding Bx9 and 10 1925 ARA standard
double-sheathed boxcars
into all-steel cars similar to the modified 1937 AAR standard. It's also
represented in HO by a Sunshine kit.

What are the implications of the boxcar mixes of outbound traffic from
Swift's Soy Bean Processing Operation in Frankfort in 1948-1949 upon
your ATSF model (of Cajon Pass?) ? On your layout, the majority of
boxcars should not be ATSF, but foreign. What can be learned from these
NKP List of movements which can be used on your or anybody else's layout
of the 1945-1955 era?

Tim Gilbert

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