Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, etc.

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

I think Paul said it best, and you agreed with him -- we need a scale
coupler, with a scale draft gear, that is compatible with Kadee... (This
also is what Denny has been saying all along.)

Accurail -- currently comes closest to meeting all three requirements
I agree. I have examined this coupler for both dimensions and proportions, as well as draft gear box, and it is excellent on all those counts. I guess I wish it were a metal coupler, but aside from not being literally a scale coupler, it is an excellent coupler. (How much durability and long-train or heavy-load data do we have for it?) I think I might prefer the Kadee 78 if it had a better box. For now, I'd probably only use Sergent for a contest model.

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