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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

On Oct 10, 2005, at 6:38 PM, Tim Gilbert wrote:

Three SHPX tank cars were consigned to Lever Brothers in Hammond IN.
Another four tank cars consigned to Lever's Edgewater NJ operation were
leased from NATX or AESX (a NATX-reporting mark). On 6/11/1948, there
was a GATX tank car consigned to Lever Brothers in Edgewater NJ. It
looks like Lever leased tank cars on the short term - whether the lease
was per trip, per month, or of some other duration I do not know.
North American did, indeed, operate the AESX tank car fleet, but the
cars with those reporting marks were owned by, and assigned to the
service of, corn oil manufacturer A. E. Staley. It's certainly
possible that North American assigned Staley cars to other shippers,
but I think it's relatively unlikely.

But it did happen in the first quarter of 1949 when these AESX "Staley"
tank cars carried loads between Swift-Frankfort to Lever
Brothers-Edgewater NJ. Now, maybe Staley, Swift and Lever and a possible
unknown fourth part did some kind of trade which necessitated the Staley
cars. I can only report what was listed.

Two of the other three tank cars were not billed; - one, owned by AESX;
and the other, a tank car with "ATX" marks. The problem with ATX is
reporting mark was not included in the April 1949 ORER.
Or in any other late '40s/early '50s ORERs. That was probably a
clerical error in recording either GATX or NATX reporting marks.

The last of the 21 tank cars was an UTLX Empty. UTLX only leased cars
the oil companies and independent refiners in 1949. It probably carried
fuel or lubricants for Swift, and was being returned empty to Madison
Not entirely true. Petroleum shippers certainly provided most of UTL's
business in that period, but UTL had some cars that were leased to
shippers of acids, chemicals, and vegetable oils. Still, Tim's
speculation about this particular car is probably correct.
"Some" probably was like being like the odds of the San Francisco 49ers
going to the Super Bowl this year.

Tim Gilbert

Richard Hendrickson


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