Re: injection molding tooling costs/Terry Wegman


Terry has an expensive (read that ineffective) marketing dept.
BTW he has all the PFE -21 kits HE wants...

Jerry Glow

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Ed, Terry doesn't have to pay himself so this cuts down on his
overhead considerably.

A number of fine toolmakers have independently done injection molds
for us: Terry (R-40-18 and variants), Paul Lubliner (Genesis F
Cannon (diesel detail parts), Jimmy Booth (numerous parts and
Dan Hall (box car doors). I'm sure there are many others. Long ago
far away an independent toolmaker had done wonderful tooling for a
PFE R-40-23 reefer but a vendor found out about it and rushed a kit
into production.... and that pretty much killed off that
toolmaker's biz
from what I heard. (I may have left out few salient details.)
Terry and
Jim do work for other vendors too, Paul sold his stuff to Athearn
retained rights to continue with Highliners), and Cannon of course
become a minor cult (to which I belong). :-)

Tim O'Connor

If injection mold tooling is expensive to produce did Terry
loose his shirt (or a lot of time) on the PFE -21 kits?
Ed Mines

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