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Gene and list,

It might be quite legal for a short line like the Mason City and Clear Lake (the original name of the Iowa Traction RR) to acquire a PRR flat car by wrecking it. If a railroad has an accident with another's car, it can either fix it or pay its owner the net liquidation value. If the car had quite a few years on it, it was no doubt cheaper to pay the NLV to the PRR than repair it and return it to owner.

Since it was now legally the property of the MC&CL, it could do what it wanted with the car, including make it into a snowplow. I expect this is exactly what happened.

Gregg Mahlkov

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There is nothing in my library that records an F class built with a
plow. My records do not go back further than 1919, so it may be, although I
don't think it happened.
What may be the case is a car bought, or appropriated from the
PRR, and rebuilt with a plow assembly in Iowa. My reasoning is that all of
the old pix I have studied show a "V" type, high curved top plow attached to
the pilot of a 4-4-0, or a 4-6-0.
Others are more well versed in MW equip. than I, so there might be
a slim chance someone can provide proof positive.
My money is on not likely.

Fred Freitas
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Subject: [STMFC] PRR F22 or F23 flat cars

Please see eBay listing Iowa Terminal RR Snow Plow Motor #60 DUPLICATE
Slide-NR Item number: 6568698378.

I've had an opportunity to take a close look at the short flat car and
some parts, notably the stake pockets, have 'PRR' cast into them.

Could this be a former PRR class F22 or F23 flat car? If yes, does
anyone know how such an item would have made its way to Mason City,
Did the PRR convert any F22 or F23 flats to snow plows?
Gene Green

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