4/6/6 Improved Youngstown doors

Andy Carlson

I can't begin to number the times I have been involved
in conversations with other modelers (including many
members of this list) around more "pedestrian"
modelers where terminology such as: r+3/4 LDE ;
hutchins Dry Lading Roofs; ASF Ride Control trucks;
Universal power brake housings, etc. etc., creates
great amusment. Besides being offered some
well-meaning advice (get a life!) or worse, people
seem to understand every endeavor has its terminology.
Great prototypical advancements would be hindered if
we modelers were ignorant of what we desired.

Now, having said that, let me mention some news about
Dan Hall's latest styrene door offerings. Dan told me
that the tooling is pretty much done on three
Youngstown doors:

l) The 4/6/6 improved Youngstown door as used by many
10-0" IH boxcars built in the late 40's and beyond. Of
importance to me were the 1000's used on both SP and
Great Northern 12 panel boxcars.

2) The 5/6/5 improved Youngstown door ( a concurrent
variation of the above door. Used by SP and many other

3) The "Overnight" interim improved Youngstown door
made famous by its use on Southern Pacific 10 panel
ACR riveted 40' boxcars used in the Overnight express
service SP had between the Bay Area and LA, CA. I
think maybe some IC boxcars used this door also, but
its use seems to be primarily SP.

Due to my impatience, and desire to have these in time
for Naperville, I am getting a large quantity of these
doors in bulk (that means no packaging for you PE's
out there), and will be offering them to everyone

I have not seen these yet, but early shots were sent
to Terry Wegmann who has ruled in their favor. I will
also bring the current Superior doors Dan has for
those who have had a difficult hunt finding these for

See many of you in Naperville!
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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