Re: Sprung Trucks

Schuyler Larrabee

Richard Hendrickson:

Jace, I'm always mystified when people express a preference
for sprung trucks because it seems obvious to me that the
springs never actually work, even to provide a small degree
of equalization, and (aside from the San Juan O scale trucks)
they look AWFUL. Kadee's HO scale trucks are admirable in
most respects, but seeing all that daylight through the space
where there should be four or five heavy springs totally
spoils their appearance.
Richard, you and I have debated this before, somewhat. What seems to me to be your complaint is
mostly that you can see through the springs. I agree with that. But the solution isn't to have
solid trucks (because in part, equalization DOES work) but to have better looking springs, and more
of them. There is no way that molded relief on a sideframe can represent springs as well as truly
three-dimensional free-standing springs.

I wrote a few days ago that I believe there is a market for Really Fine High Quality Trucks, sprung
and equalized, with springs made of some material with a very low spring rate, that would be molded,
extruded, cast or whatever with suficient thickness so as to properly mimic prototypical springs. I
personally think that if such trucks were available, replacing the trucks that come with kit cars
would become just as much the "standard thing to do" as is/was replacing x2f's with Kadees [or
Sergents, or whatever].


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