Re: Sergent Couplers

Manfred Lorenz

--- In, "Thomas M. Olsen" <tmolsen@U...> wrote:
I like the way they operate and how they look, but unfortunately
inability to reach across more than a foot of benchwork makes them
impracticable if you plan to do anything other than run around
doing anything. Now if you are into displays and/or contests at
shows and conventions, RPM meets, etc., then there is nothing that
beat them.

If someone can find a way to uncouple them remotely or in any other
fashion, then they will become workable in operating sessions.
I have designed a beta version of a Sergent remote uncoupler. Perhaps
with some refinements this can be worked into a solution to the

The file area has my idea under:

Or if that does not work the file name is Sergent Uncoupler.doc

Any comments?


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