Speaking of wine tank cars

Andy Carlson

This was posted on the freight car list (remember
them???) Check the link to 3 tank cars preserved.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

--- Lon Godshall <lon10@ptdprolog.net> wrote:

The New Hope and Ivyland RR has acquired some old
tank cars from a
nearby industry. They are now in Lansdale,PA on the
CSX awaiting the
move to NH&I if anybody is in the area.
Sorry, I am not an old tank car expert.

UTLX 3752 1930's

SHPX 6622 8-40 six dome leased to Bear Mtn Winery

SBIX 1606 2-48 Wooden barrel vinegar car, wood
has rotted away w/
only steel frame left.

link for pics:

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