Re: Bil Darnaby's List of 1949 Boxcar Movements from Swift's Soy Bean Processing Operation in Frankfort IN

Michael Aufderheide

Mont and all,

One thing I've noticed about the 1948 Monon
conductor's log I'm going through is the lack of Monon
boxcars in general. Plenty of gons and hoppers, but
boxcars are under represented as a proportion of the
Monon fleet: only 4 cars out of 52. Even Air Dump
cars show up more often! Maybe this goes to Tim's
theory on boxcar usage.


ps-if I can get my confounded webmail to work, I found
some interesting Canadian boxcar moves-maybe later

--- Montford Switzer <ZOE@...> wrote:

Responding to Tim Gilbert:


Your points are well taken. Do we know who
determined what car was
loaded to what destination?

Note that there were no MONON cars loaded when I'm
sure they were around
being that close to home rails and all. My guess is
when the NKP got a
MONON car that close to home rails (MONON and NKP
both ran through
Frankfort and the NKP had 2 other interchanges with
the MONON within 30
miles) they returned it empty rather than pay
charges while the car sat
at Swift for loading.

Also, take a look at the routing on the NKP owned
cars. Those routings
look a lot cleaner to me, many totally on line or
with significant miles
on the NKP.

Then look at what the MONON got:

- SR, GM&O cars of a 20 mile on line haul
- RI car south on the PRR via Indinapaolis
- NH, IC car to southern Indiana on a MONON branch
-SOO car to an NYC destination in Michigan

Car selection seems to be random except for the NKP

I would think that Bill's data has helped you with
boxcars and tank cars

carrying bean oil; the data has not shown the
distribution of owners
among hoppers, gons, reefers or tank cars carrying
different commodities

than bean meal.

Yes, but I have other sources for this. Also, the
MONON used a lot of
home road cars specially equipped for some of the
regular moves. As I
mentioned among them were TV cabinets, coke, foundry
sand and Indiana
coal on the Indianapolis line. I also need to work
on GTW boxcars for
inbound newsprint.

Tim Gilbert

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