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George Hollwedel <georgeloop1338@...>

This is due to the fact that they are mailed "Parcel Post" which gets a very uneven distribution rate as it is a lower class of mail. I think, since there are no ads, they could be mailed "Media" mail which may be as cheap, with better service. I only know a little about this as my position with the Postal Service is as a maintenance tech, not as a clerk.

George Hollwedel

lnbill <> wrote:
A friend in Connecticut received their copy last week. I am in Northern
Virginia, and mine has not come yet.

Bill Welch
--- In, "Schuyler Larrabee"

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12 days from St. Louis to New York City area. That must be
some sort of a record.

Hmph! Another couple of days, probably make it to Boston . . .


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