Re: Bil Darnaby's List of 1949 Boxcar Movements from Swift's Soy Bean Processing Operation in Frankfort IN

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Mike Aufderheide wrote:

One thing I've noticed about the 1948 Monon
conductor's log I'm going through is the lack of Monon
boxcars in general. Plenty of gons and hoppers, but
boxcars are under represented as a proportion of the
Monon fleet: only 4 cars out of 52. Even Air Dump
cars show up more often! Maybe this goes to Tim's
theory on boxcar usage.

Not so much theory because, in the 1948 PROCEEDINGS OF THE AAR'S SUPERINTENDENTS' CONVENTION which provided January 1 data for percent home cars on line for both all types and boxcars. On 12/31/1947, there were 1,999,441 cars owned by Class I RR's and private car lines or shippers in the US, but there were only 1,901,963 freight cars on line in the US according to the ICC's 1947 ANNUAL REPORT OF STATISTICS OF RAILWAYS IN THE US. To keep things simple, I will use the 1,999,443 total in the table below:

Home Foreign Total % at Home
Total Freight Cars 799,776 1,199,665 1,999,441 40.0% Given
less: Privately Owned Cars - 265,250 265,250 0.0%
RR-Owned Cars 799,776 934,415 1,734,191 46.1% Calculated
less: Boxcars 142,468 584,414 726,882 19.6% Given
All Other RR Car Types 657,308 350,001 1,007,309 65.3% Calculated

Because the MONON was a short haul railroad, I suspect that the percentage of MONON Boxcars on the home line of total boxcars on the Monon was much less than the national 19.6% average. 4 MONON boxcars out of a total of 52 cars could be extraordinarily high once hoppers, gons, MOW cars, etc. were eliminated to determine how many boxcars there were in your Conductor's Log - more so if the Log recorded through freights.

Regarding your 1948 MONON Conductor's Log, can you advise what "division" of the MONON it covered? Were they through or local freights? Between what month and day did the Log begin and end?

Thanks, Tim Gilbert

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