Re: Bil Darnaby's List of 1949 Boxcar Movements from Swift's Soy Bean Processing Operation in Frankfort IN

Michael Aufderheide

Tim Gilbert asked:

What happened to boxcars carrying newsprint when
they were unloaded?
Were they returned to their owners empty, or were
they reloaded with
product, and routed wherever?

From the 1948 Monon conductor's log I have the
following Canadian cars:

CN B 476658 XB Southbound to Limedale (PRR)
CN B 523832 XB Northbound to Laf. Jct. (NKP WAB NYC)
CN B 528176 CORN Southbound to Louisville
CN ? 464091 ? Southbound to Bloomington
CP B 246493 R WOOL Northbound to S. Hammond (Chicago)
CP ? 180528 RUBBER Northbound to Michigan City (CSSSB
CP B 247203 PAPER Southbound to Bloomington

Any thoughts?



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