Re: MONON Boxcars 1-500 compared to B&M's #7400-74499 series #7400-74499

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Montford Switzer wrote:


First, look as when the Monon bought steel boxcars. The second group of
steel cars (1 - 500) was coming on line at about the time of Bill's
data. That second group still made the total less than 1000. The wood
boxcar fleet was in bad shape and it is doubtful they ran far from home
in very large numbers.
About the same time in the Spring of 1947 when Pullman-Standard built MONON boxcars #1-500 at their Michigan City plant, the B&M had 500 40' boxcars built there, too. Rather than accepting delivery on the B&M, the railroad opted to accept them in Michigan City, and they were sent to sundry locations around Chicago for their first loads.

B&M's #74000-74499 series were clearly intended to serve as B&M's contribution to the national boxcar pool; they had been fined by the ICC in March 1947 for failing to deliver the specified number of empty boxcars to the NYC and CP as they had been ordered to by the AAR's Car Service Bureau.

I suspect that the MONON bought the #1-500 series for the same reason as the B&M albeit without the kick of an AAR Car Order. The MONON like the B&M could get by reloading empty foreign boxcars. The difference between the MONON and the B&M was the access to Michigan City plus John Barringer's PR awareness.

Tim Gilbert

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