Sergent Couplers


rob the magnet raises the internal bb to unlock the knuckle, but does
not open the knuckle. when you pull away with whatever the unlocked
coupler knuckle will open but the other coupler knuckle will still be
locked. there is no internal spring like thing to open a knuckle that
has been unlocked. i have tried the couplers in antisipation of
sergent making them for o scale. i did not get sergent's uncoupling
tool, but made one up with s 1/8" diam magnet glued to a dowel. i also
acc'd a bit of wire which sticks down from the magnet's bottom. this
allows you to lift the ball and pull open the closed knuckle with the
wire. works great. hope that clears up any confusion. there is a good
link on sergent's website that reviews the coupler and has some hints.


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