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Walter M. Clark

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Gene and AT,

San Juan is going to doing a roller bearing ASF A-3!!

Roll on I say!

Brett Whelan - P.48

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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 23:53:28 -0000
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Subject: Re: The Good Old Days

"O" scale again!

The plastic couplers made by San Juan Car Co. are
excellent in
appearance, and will mate with Clousers, and even
Kadees. I have an
easier time working with brass - just a personal

HOWEVER, I wish San Juan Car Co. would make a GOOD
TRUCK in "O" scale - something we have been waiting
MANY years for!
There is so much demand out there for a good plastic
Pennsy truck that
the SJCC owners could retire on that one product
alone! A. T. Kott


San Juan will likely be able to retire off the ASF
A-3 that he is doing. He
is even thinking of a roller bearing version for
some odd reason.

Steve Grabowski has the 2D-F8 done but for some
reason has not released it.
I agree as to the need.

Gene Deimling

Yes, those San Juan trucks are awesome! Even though I'm strictly in
HO (with one HOn3 engine and one HOn3 car) I got a pair of the San
Juan Andrews trucks and was almost persuaded to switch to O. I
couldn't figure out how to get the springs into the sideframes without
cutting off a couple of turns from the springs, and therefore had to
glue them in, but I got them to see, not to run. Wow, indeed.

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
Riverside, California

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