Re: HO retainer valves

Rob Adams


Depending on the type of retainer valve you need, most of the Westerfield kits include extras. Since I have a large number of Al's kits, both built and not, I've not found it necessary to buy retainers to this point. They do not typically have indexing pins or a hole for anchoring the line, however. Some of my Sunshine kits include extras also. So, your parts drawer may already be more thoroughly stocked than you realize.

Regards, Rob Adams

Denny Anspach wrote:

I often finesse the modeling of retainer valves because of my common
personal inability to actually < < < see > and/or < orient > this
tiny detail part, or actually grasp the part with any tool so that
it does not sail off into the thick carpet pile sunset. If I have
survived so far, then I face actually mounting the valve reliably in
a correct position with correct orientation, and at last butting the
air line to the valve in some way that it too doesn't disappear into
the sunset the first time the car is handled.

Now, how do you other listers handle this problem? What valves are
the easiest to use and handle? Is there an indexing pin on the back,
and a hole for anchoring the .010" air line? Can they be purchased
in bulk, i.e. without purchasing an entire brake set, i.e. Tichy?

Mont Switzer has mentioned the PSC valves. The only problem there is
the $20.00 minimum (a LOT of valves).


Denny S. Anspach, MD


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