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All had vertical wheel hand brakes as follows:

CGW 85000-85998 - Ajax
CGW 86000-86998 - Superior
CGW 87000-87998 - order split between Ajax & Equipco

The correct Equipco 3160 is made by Red Caboose as a part of what kit I
don't remember. The Superior 566 available from the C&NWHS is a later
design. The early Superior is illustrated on page 25 of Morning Sun's
CGW Color Guide.

Gene Green

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On Oct 14, 2005, at 5:40 PM, Brian J Carlson wrote:

Did the CGW ARA boxcars have vertical hand brake or a horizontal
I can't tell from the photo in the April 1987 issue of Model
Geared hand brakes. In the only two photos I have where the brake
wheel is visible, one appears to be an early Equipco and the other an

Richard Hendrickson

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