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Jeff English

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Richard Hendrickson wrote

The 1919 and 1922 Car Builder's Dictionaries show examples of
both ends, but no cars built after ca. 1918 had the inverse
corrugated design. Whether for new construction or the rebuilding
of older cars, its doubtful that inverse corrugated ends would have
been manufactured or applied as late as 1928.
Richard, according to my notes, MP 120000-121749 36' box cars were
built in 1926 with inverse Murphy ends, and UP 99500-99999 G-50-9
gondolas were built in 1925 with inverse Murphy ends. These are the
only two examples I found of cars built this late with such ends.
Also the following NYC Lots:

431-B, NOR S-3600 - S-3849, blt '22 (later NYC 275012 - 275750, mixed
with other cars)
485-B, Rutland 8000 - 8199, blt 7=9-24
486-B, Rutland 9000 - 9199, blt 9=10-24
487-B, NOR S-3850 - S-4349, blt '24 (later NYC 275751 - 276248)

AFAIK, none of these cars were ever rebuilt with all-steel

Jeff English
Troy, New York
America's largest center of cast-iron stove manufacturing in the 19th

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