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The C of Ga had a series of cars with Van Dorn ends. I don't have my information with me at the moment but if anyone is interested I can dig it out. Todd Horton

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Fred - I've been working on a project to do a number of cars with Van Dorn ends.
They were used on at least 4 different cars circa 1912 but only one road used
them in any quantity - an IC 1-1/2 door auto car with, as I recall, 350 cars.
All others were minor experiments: 1 B-50-4 for SP, 25 XL for PRR and 1 MILW.
I'm hoping to have the XL by next May for the PRRT&HS annual meeting. - Al
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Subject: [STMFC] Van Dorn ends


Have the unusual Van Dorn patent car ends ever been made available in
HO? The ends are the ones that resemble a bullseye target. Also, when were
these last seen in service? Thanks to those who can help.

Fred Freitas

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