Accurail coupers

Montford Switzer <ZOE@...>

I would like to offer my thanks to Dennis Storzek for his post regarding
his company's couplers. We all see lots of less than factual comments
on various products including some of my own that appear here and
elsewhere, so when ANY manufacturer shares detailed information about a
product available we all benefit. It would be beneficial if we had the
input of more manufacturers and it should be encouraged.

I use the Accurail close to scale couplers and I am delighted to have a
better understanding of their construction and capabilities. They work
pretty well with the many other couplers that I have installed over the
years. I hope to standardize at some point. I uncouple manually and
the Accurail couplers allow easy omission of the bottom "lever" or
whatever you call it. What got me interested in them was the close to
scale size of the coupler and pocket.

One previous comment made was regarding the durability of the resin
Accurail couplers vs. metal. Although I've not had it happen I'm sure
they WILL BREAK during rough handling on long trains. Isn't that
supposed to happen? We are modeling the real railroads, right?

Mont Switzer

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