CGW X29 brakes

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Ben said, "Photos of the CGW cars from Gene Green's CGW Color Guide clearly
show the brake reservoir mounted parallel and to the right of to the
center sill. The reservoir is mounted under the doors, offset towards the A
end of the car. (See photos on p 24 and 25.)"

Rob replied, "The CGW 87000-89998 series did have AB brakes as built (and
the arrangement differed from the Pennsy component standards), but the
earlier 1931-built CGW series, 85000-85998 (even), and 86000-89998 (even)
both had KC brakes."

The Red Caboose model I have is 85222. According to Rob's statement this ca
was originally built with KC brakes. My question to Ben is what number
series are the cars photo's you are describing. I'd like to locate the brake
components correctly.

Any sources for online photo's would be greatly appreciated The underframe
of the car in the April 1987 Model Railroading is in shadows. Maybe Richard
Hendrickson can make more out from the original photo.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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