Re: HO retainer valves

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

As I gratefully read the many generous answers to my chronic problem of handling these tiny parts, I realize how much of the problem is quite personal- the sheer difficulty of having to deal with tiny details needing to be precisely placed, but having eyes that no longer have the ability or agility to make the necessary accommodations. I have three Optivisors (two, on the average, always misplaced), one of which has the leather headband completely worn through.

Over the years I have ramped up my workbench lighting to Klieg Light standards (using fluorescent lights only to avoid furnace conditions). Nevertheless, I still have problems with close-in three dimensional depth perception, and quite often with small parts, there is not enough shadowing to actually determine correct orientation. BTW, this is a very common condition for people my age. For me, then, under these circumstances, having simple indexing or locating pins, or cores for piping on tiny part such as retaining valves can be an absolute Godsend (kit and part manufacturers: are you listening??).

I do not at all object to the PSC $20.00 minimum for all of the reasons stated. I did jibe about all of the retainer valves that $20.00 might buy (PSC catalog price- 4/$1.75), and in the end that will not deter me. As to filling out the order from all the other things in the voluminous PSC catalogs-- well--- I already have a wall of L-hooks, an awful lot of the hooks already stacked and packed with PSC parts , a large number of which were enthusiastically purchased to fill out $20.00 orders!
("Now, just what am I going to do with all of these---
whaterever-they-are-- after your funeral??").

Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, California

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