Re: HO retainer valves

Greg Martin

Chuck writes:

I fully understand the "just stock me up" situation. Fortunately we do a
lot of special orders and stock the shop like we are modelers, oh yeah, we
are!!! We also happen to have a lot of PSC and Cal Scale parts that we've had
for 20 years. We used to have 2 4 foot 3 shelve glass displays with nothing
but detail parts, now, it, down to a couple of whirly gigs standing on the
floor and a few boxes on a shelf. Seems that "modelers" around Central
Virginia are fairly happy with the detailed RTR stuff. Heck in the past year we've
only restocked clapboard siding twice, and all we sell is trains and
Thanks for listening.
Chuck Hladik"


Sounds like a great shop... Now can I get driving directions from Salem,
OR... I'll be right over! 3^) Seriously, can you contact me offline with some
details of your shop like a website or at least address, etc.?

Greg Martin

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