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Don Worthy

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Hey Don,

I've got a nice photo of an A-1 that I intend to post
on the STMFC files as soon as I get done writing this
message. If you check and it's not there, then I had a
problem, so write me back and I'll send it to you

Off the top of my pointy little head, the A-1s were
9011-9060 and were built in 1937 by SAL (Jacksonville)
from G-6 low-side composite gons. I've never seen a
photo of the 10 A class cars (9001-9010 +/-) but they
were dimensionally similar and the SAL 1949 roster
book reports they were also built from G-6s.
SO...I'll take a leap and say they probably looked
very much like the A-1s. I'll let the photo do the
rest of the talking.

This would be a neat little modeling project. I'm sure
we could find sides that would work, and the ends were
4/5 dreadnaught. Murphy roof. You could splice the
decals from Ted Culotta's SAL box car decal set.

Hope this helps!

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Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 09:34:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Don Worthy <don_worthy@y...>
Subject: Re: RE: inside view SAL autobox

Thank you John. I wish there had been a car number in
the view. Could
you tell me what the numbers were for these cars? My
Seaboard info is
limited. What few hobby dollars I've had has gone for
Central of Georgia
photos and such. I'm trying to branch out.
Also, could you point me to a photo that would show me
what the outside
of this type car looks like? Off list, perhaps. I'm at

Thanks again, John
Don Worthy

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL
Thank you John. This is a good shot. I see the side sills do look
different, even more than I had imagined. I notice, also, that the
end sill projects out, too. I take it that the gons had this, too. As
a gon, they must have been like some of the pensy equipment.
I'll be looking for a suitable car to use for a starting point.
Thank you, again
Don Worthy

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