Re: Paint for 1955 scheme NYC boxcars

Rob Adams


Try Polly Scale Mineral Red. For what it's worth, the PS Mineral Red is very close match to the color used by Red Caboose and Intermountain on their steam era NYC models.

Best regards, Rob Adams

Richard Murray wrote:

For years I have used regular Floquil Boxcar Red to paint NYC boxcars
in the 1955 scheme with Century Gothic lettering. Now, having switched
to water-based paints, I find that the Polly-Scale BCR is nowhere near
the shade I am looking for. Has anyone found a Polly-Scale or
Modelflex color that even comes close to the reddish-brown color that
NYC used for this scheme? Thanks for any help. Dick Murray
Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling Keokuk, IA operations and the CB&Q's K&W branch, circa 1938

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