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5. WWII composite emergency hopper (Athearn, P2K in HO)
These were not the same as the standard Emergency design. These were unique to the LV. The Athearn and P2K kits will not work here except as stand-ins.

While we're on the subject of Emergency hopper designs, the article in the latest MM on N&W hoppers states that the N&W Class H-4 hoppers were "yet another design unique to the N&W." Peter Weiglin - If you're out there, this is not true. The design was an AAR composite Emergency design that was also constructed for the Missouri Pacific Lines (MP 63000-64199; I-GN 65000-65099; Mo-Ill 6200-6249; St.LB&M 65250-65499) and the Midland Valley (9000-9024), all AC&F Lot 2605, built 1943-1944.

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