Re: McKean MILW combo door 40" PS-1 project


Hello Mr. McCoy,

Contact me off list at mail@... about selling you our PS-1
underframes. There are a number of parts that we sell by request that are
not regularly listed part numbers. Many of our parts are reserved for our
own production use so it's a matter of what we have available. We will
eventually have a few more car parts as regular stocked items but this is an
"as time allows" project.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Subject: [STMFC] McKean MILW combo door 40" PS-1 project

I'm down to making a relacement floor for my McKean 40' combo door PS-
1. I have IM 40' PS-1 underframe components but will need to make a
new floor to replace the crude McKean floor. Does any one know if
Kadee sells their floors separately? It's not on their parts list.
Absent getting one of these, is there a scribed styrene sheet that has
the right floor board size? Evergreen shows car siding but I don't
know the proper size.

Bill McCoy

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