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<< It is my understanding that boxcars and reefers received a second grab iron
on the left hand side at some point in the 1930's. Was this change mandated
by the AAR (or ARA)? If so when? >>


The Railroad Unions petitioned for the additional grabs to be added to: house
cars, hoppers and high gondolas in 1931. Meetings were held and the
proposals were sent to the ARA Committee on Safety Appliances. That Committee (along
with the Car Construction Committee) drafted the proposal which was sent to
member roads for consideration via Letter Ballot Circular No. D. V. 760 on April
1, 1932. The proposal received the two/thirds majority vote necessary for
adoption which was announced via Circular No. D. V. 786 dated June 1, 1932.

The changes became effective on March 1, 1933. All newly built equipment was
mandated to have the additional grabs and all cars receiving Class One
repairs were to be retro-fitted with additional grabs. Penalties for none
compliance were never a factor though any road receiving cars (in interchange) did have
the right of refusal, though I doubt that happened much either.

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