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Frank Greene <fgreen01@...>

Don, did you know SAL 9028 is parked out in the weeds at SERM? Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it and don't know how accessible it is for photos.

John, do you have a larger format image you could post in the files section? I would like to forward it to the good folks at SERM and maybe plant an idea for a restoration. The car's appearance has not been attended to since it was donated and most of the paint and lettering is weathered away.


Frank Greene

Off the top of my pointy little head, the A-1s were 9011-9060 and were built in 1937 by SAL (Jacksonville) from G-6 low-side composite gons.

This would be a neat little modeling project. I'm sure we could find sides that would work, and the ends were 4/5 dreadnaught. Murphy roof. You could splice the decals from Ted Culotta's SAL box car decal set.
Hope this helps!

Thank you John. I wish there had been a car number in the view. Could you tell me what the numbers were for these cars? My
Seaboard info is limited. What few hobby dollars I've had has gone for Central of Georgia photos and such. I'm trying to branch out.
Also, could you point me to a photo that would show me what the outside of this type car looks like? Off list, perhaps. I'm at
Thanks again, John
Don Worthy

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