New to list


Hello list,
My name is Ross Dando. I am an almost forty Rock Island modeler.
who has started focusing on more detail in his modeling. Over the past
few years several friends have suggested that I join the list. Now I
have. I have a small business to produce Rock Island specific items.
To date I have done three passenger cars and I just released the
Adapto flat car built by ACF in 1956. Al Westerfield was a great help
in making this project a success. I am currently working on three
flat car masters of the cars that the Rock Island stretched from 40 to
50 feet. The work took place between 1937 and 1941. They also built
some care much the same way they stretched them. I am also making two
caboose masters of transfer cabooses built from box cars. I hope to
get them done by the middle of next year.
I am curious if anyone on the list knows about stereo lithography?
I have used this process to make a couple parts and really like it.
I look forward to learning from all of you.

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