Re: LV Quad hoppers

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Bud Rindfleisch wrote:
"The Lehigh Valley 40,000 series quad hoppers did indeed begin life
as "composite" hoppers. They were rebuilt into the steel 9 panel
cars as pictured."

I disagree. LV 40000-40999 are listed as "Coal, Steel, Hopper
Bottom" in the December 1930 ORER; the Schaller website has them
listed as being built as steel cars by SSC in 1926 and 1927. LV
41000-41699 are listed in the December 1930 ORER as "Composite" and
remain that way through at least the January 1945 ORER. Schaller
lists 1946 as the rebuild date; by the July 1950 ORER, this series
contains 543 cars and is listed as "Coal, Steel, Hopper Bottom".

"There was an article or plans only, can't recall offhand, by Chuck
Yungkurth in RMC about 3 years ago."

Chuck's article was actually in the August 1997 issue of RMC, which
was 8 years ago. (The online Model Train Magazine would have saved
you the guesswork -

Ben Hom

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