Naperville favor needed

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Last Wednesday night the hard drive on my laptop failed while we were
whiling away an evening in Nova Scotia. I'm working on data recovery,
but will be without a laptop at Naperville. If one of the other
presenters would permit me to use their laptop for my PowerPoint
presentation, it would be most appreciated. I'll have my clinic both
on CD-ROM and on a USB flash drive. Please contact me off-list at
<tgmadden (at) worldnet (dot) att (dot) net> if you'd be willing to
help take me off this particular hook!

On a related topic, I'll be arriving at Naperville on the eastbound CZ
on Thursday afternoon. If any other STMFC members will be on that
train, we should touch base so the hotel van can pick us up in one


Tom Madden

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