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> Has it been determined the practical minimum radius the PROTO:HO couple can
> be used for effective operation? I'm thinking literally how tight can the
> radius be before it may cause problems for the coupler,
> David Ball

design criteria for the PROTO:HO was simply to put a scale size coupler
head on a shank that would fit within the confines of a steam era center
sill, and then make it compatible with the other magnetic couplers
currently in use. How well it would work on train set radius was a
secondary consideration, although the original layout drawings indicate
that equal sized cars equipped with the PROTO:HO couplers should be able to
negotiate a 15" radius curve.
Dennis Storzek
On the Claremont & Concord in New Hampshire, a former electric railway, due to tight
curvature a 50-foot boxcar could not be placed in the Coy Paper Co. spur unless the
knuckles were removed from the car and the locomotive (a 44-tonner). A steel drawbar
was then used to connect the two, held in place by the knuckle pins. I don't remember how
long the drawbar was (maybe 12-18 inches), but using it gave enough clearance for the
engine and car to negotitate the curve into the mill. Anybody care to try THAT in HO Scale?

Walt Lankenau

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