SUPX 20xx & UTLX 13504

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

Since my last e-mail on this subject, I've noticed (again) a very good shot of a similar three tank car, UTLX 13504 in Edward Kaminski's Tank Cars: American Car & Foundry Co. 1865 to 1955, p.150. This is closer to a 3/4 view, and shows part of the B end end sill. The big bolt heads I'd haveexpected for the truss rod ends are not, however, in view. Curious. Makes me wonder more about how the truss rods worked.

Also, this is the second car I've noted this evening showing what seems to my uneducated eyes to be a UTLX / Imperial Oil link in the purchase of freight equipment.

Rob Kirkham

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